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Implementation of a Local eCommerce for Club Salute, an Italian network of pharmacies

Design and implementation of an eCommerce solution for a network of over 70 pharmacies for the online sale of pharmaceuticals

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Albini Group: implementation of a new B2B eCommerce platform

Omnys designed and developed a new B2B platform for all of the products in the Albini world

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IoT solution for intelligent gas vehicle charging stations

Design and development of an IoT solution for a leading European natural gas operator

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Migration of a set of web-based applications for WERFEN

Omnys migrated a set of web-based applications to AWS to deliver mission-critical services

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Omnys awarded by AWS as the first Amazon Forecast Partner in the EMEA region

Officially acknowledged by Amazon as the 1st European partner who has efficiently used the Amazon Forecast service on a real-life use case

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Machine Learning and predictive analysis: a success story!

A machine learning system for predictive maintenance, smart monitoring and energy consumption forecasting, developed by Omnys

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Omnys and Clivet: a Success Story for AWS

Omnys' project for Clivet, an IoT platform to monitor plant performance and minimize maintenance, became a case study for AWS

MES and Industry 4.0: Packstyle's production chain goes digital

Design and implementation of MES for a more efficient management of the production steps and for the digital transition to an Industry 4.0 model

IoT: New Opportunities for the Future

The impact of the Internet of Things is becoming increasingly relevant, and its inter-connectivity offers many new opportunities and benefits for many industries

Developed a software to configure and maintain electric motors

Omnys has developed a software that can configure and monitor the motors installed on e-bikes and electric scooters

5 Key Applications of Artificial Intelligence in 2023

AI has applications in a variety of areas, but some will be more prominent than others in 2023

Mobile application development to manage graphometric signatures

Omnys developed an application for AbbVie to manage digital documents with graphometric signatures

Blockchain and Industry 4.0

Not just NFT and cryptocurrencies, blockchain is much more than that, and its use can find great potential in various industries

Accelerate WooCommerce performance with Amazon CloudFront

Thanks to the potential of AWS and the experience in implementing digital solutions in various areas, Omnys helps you accelerate your e-commerce with Amazon CloudFront

Omnys at the IEEE WCCI in Padua, Italy, July 18 - 23, 2022

Presenting our paper on predicting technical failures based on Service Tickets

What Potential for Smart Cities with AI and IoT?

Artificial intelligence and connected devices make it possible to increase the efficiency of smart cities and improve the quality of life. Here's how.

Omnys and Confindustria Bergamo collaborate on a new project

An online service on the PNRR to provide support to member companies

A new digital platform integrated with the production plant, for Packstyle

Design and development of a digital platform to manage manufacturing, specifically for the packaging industry, in mobile conditions

The future of AI in the healthcare industry

Healthcare is becoming more patient-centric, and artificial intelligence is facilitating this trend

What are the developments in IoT test automation?

IoT testing is a valuable activity that can help you resolve problems in your devices more quickly

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) development for Masserdotti Group

Design and development of a digital platform for an automated and integrated control and management of the production plant

Serverless solution on AWS cloud for a fault-tolerant and scalable infrastructure

Omnys has created a B2B solution on the AWS cloud for a leading company in the professional cleaning sector

AI and Smart Working: the possibilities of working remotely with the help of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence can increase the efficiency of remote opportunities for remote work and open up new business scenarios for companies

The benefits of machine learning for e-commerce

Companies can use machine learning to increase the value of the shopping experience for their e-commerce users

Development of a fault-tolerant and scalable web infrastructure for Weerg

According to the customer's needs, Omnys designed a fault-tolerant and scalable infrastructure on the AWS cloud.

Omnys to present Arneg case study at the AWS Online Tech Talks

Omnys, in partnership with AWS, will present a machine learning case study from Arneg at the AWS Online Tech Talks

Omnys is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001 for its information security management system

Omnys has achieved ISO/IEC 27001 certification, the leading international standard that defines an Information Security Management System (ISMS)

ItaliAssistenza case study published on AWS

AWS publishes the digital platform developed by OMNYS for ItaliAssistenza as a success story

Collaboration with Luxottica continues for Native Eyewear brand

Omnys assists Native Eyewear in implementing its new e-commerce platform for the US market

CRM Italiassistenza

A platform for providing Patient Support Programs designed on AWS

Omnys awarded APN Rising Star Partner of the Year 2020

An important acknowledgement of our growth, extremely fast and successful, and our relationship with AWS

A new collaboration with Luxottica for Costa del Mar eyewear brand

Omnys contracted by Luxottica to carry out a re-platforming of Costa del Mar e-commerce, for the US marketplace

Development of a digital platform to manage Things Mobile's Big Data

A digital infrastructure designed and developed on AWS for IoT SIM cards Big Data

Industrial PhD in collaboration with University of Padua

Machine Learning and Big Data: Omnys set up a Research Industrial PhD in computer science and engineering

Omnys at Intelligent Systems Conference (IntelliSys) 2020

Omnys takes part at IntelliSys 2020 with a case study on Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Sport 4.0: IoT solutions for Sport, by Omnys

Omnys develops IoT solutions for sport and spare time to provide a new sporting experience

IoT Solutions for Smart Offices

Omnys has designed and developed IoT solutions for working spaces, by streamlining the management of appliances

A digital solution to monitor operations on cargo ships

Omnys developed an app to handle activities on cargos and vessels

A PSP (Patient Support Program) digital platform for the pharma industry

A breakthrough digital platform to monitor a therapy and the patient's adherence

Design and development of B2B platforms

With more than 20 years of experience Omnys is able to design and develop B2B platforms fully customised and highly advanced for any industry

AbbVie Care, web platform and mobile app for PSP (Patient Support Program)

Omnys developed a software platform to manage and monitor the patient’s adherence to therapy

IoT solutions to control smart thermostats

Omnys designs and develops an IoT solution for monitoring and controlling smart thermostats via wi-fi module

Coincard: management of the Coin loyalty program

Omnys deals with the management of users enrolled in the Coincard loyalty program

IoT and the control of home heating appliances

Omnys has designed and developed an IoT solution for monitoring and control domestic heating appliances

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