Mobile application development to manage graphometric signatures

Omnys developed an application for AbbVie to manage digital documents with graphometric signatures

The collaboration between AbbVie and Omnys is ongoing. Once again, the pharmaceutical giant has chosen Omnys to develop a new graphometric signature management application within the AbbVie Care Neuroscience program.
A graphometric signature is a special type of advanced electronic signature obtained by capturing the biometric data of a user (the signer) while placing his signature on a special pad. The set of data (rhythm, speed, pressure, acceleration) related to the movement made during the signature is then appropriately collected, encrypted and stored together with the document for which the signature was collected.
This type of management streamlines many processes associated with the use of paper documents and has full legal force and effect.

AbbVie then asked Omnys to develop an application capable of managing digital documents with graphometric signatures for a program related to supporting a patient with Parkinson's disease.
The application, designed for specific tablets (with Android operating system), has been developed to manage various configuration parameters and to integrate an external software (SDK by Namirial) for signing digital documents with the graphometric signature of the patient or his guardian.
Also available offline and accessible only by logging in, it allows AbbVie Care Program staff to digitally complete the documents with patient information and then extrapolate a complete document in PDF format to which they can affix their legal signature.
The result is a customized application that simplifies and facilitates document management, created according to the customer's needs.