IoT and the control of home heating appliances

Omnys has designed and developed an IoT solution for monitoring and control domestic heating appliances


With a proven track record in the Internet of Things (IoT), Omnys has designed and developed a new solution for monitoring and control domestic heating appliances, via the Omnyvore platform.
Created by Omnys, this platform through a wi-fi module combined with the heating device receives the stove data, processes them and sends them to a dashboard, available in both web and app versions (iOS and Android). The company that produces the stove and the purchaser can thus access a range of different data and functions for monitoring and control of the specific appliance.
Once the app has been downloaded, for example, the consumer can set the switch-on time, the temperature at different times of the day, check the correct adjustment and receive push alarm notifications when a malfunction occurs. While the producer can have additional information, according to his needs, how to know the position of each individual appliance and have available a whole series of data necessary for various types of analysis.
The platform is customized according to the needs of company producing the stove, and it ‘s able:
- to process a constantly growing number of devices;
- to make available the necessary tools for data visualization and analysis (unlike other platforms that only show only integration interfaces);
- to transform the data collected by the device, enriching them through interactions with other services and devices (machine learning, geolocation models, etc.).
Omnyvore has been designed with a high degree of flexibility and modularity to adapt to possible future standards, protocols, and technologies, as well as to the needs of different areas and sectors.
This has allowed acquiring a particular experience developing solutions able to effectively cover any customer request with the adoption of adequate and optimized protocols within the IoT framework.