IoT Solutions for Smart Offices

Omnys has designed and developed IoT solutions for working spaces, by streamlining the management of appliances

Offices and, generally speaking, all working spaces can contribute to good collaboration and productivity by innovating their technological infrastructure. IoT systems can be an aid for this growth process that starts from the environment in which the work is carried out.

This is where the concept about Smart Office comes from, a “smart” office that adapts to the environmental needs of users to make the work experience better and more comfortable.

With this in mind, Omnys, always focused on market needs, has designed and developed IoT solutions for working spaces.

Tech innovation is transforming the way we work, as well as the environments where our professional activities take place. Environments interact with users therein, in order to make comfortable conditions related to, for example, lighting and air conditioning, consequently improving operational costs.

Thanks to Omnyvore, an IoT Platform developed by Omnys with a high degree of flexibility and modularity (to adapt to future standards, protocols and technologies, as well as to the needs of different fields and sectors) it is possible to monitor the environmental parameters related to working spaces (sucha as umidity, temperature, lighting, etc.), hence making a “smart” environment.

The sensors installed within the environment make it possible to monitor these parameters and send push notifications to an app, giving information on the environment conditions.

In an increasingly interconnected world, the new keywords are optimization and innovation. The IoT solution developed by Omnys for working spaces is therefore an innovative approach gathering together integrated solutions, with the aim of streamlining and automating plants management.

With Omnyvore, Omnys gained an extensive experience in the development of solutions capable of effectively covering any customer request, with the adoption of adequate and optimized protocols, adapting perfectly to both the scenarios of industry 4.0 and the world of consumer devices.