A PSP (Patient Support Program) digital platform for the pharma industry

A breakthrough digital platform to monitor a therapy and the patient's adherence


Designed to coordinate all workflows that involve different stakeholders in the management of chronic patients and, at the same time, to guarantee the therapy efficiency, Omnys developed a breakthrough digital platform aimed at controlling medication therapy and monitoring the patient's adherence, within a PSP (Patient Support Program).

The Patient Support Programs (PSPs) provide an organized and structured system of home-care and online-based services to support patients during their medical treatments. Hence, PSPs increase the rate of therapy adherence, in some cases up to a 100% rate, where programs are customized on patient.

Keeping in mind the importance of the therapy adherence during a medical treatment, Omnys developed a patient-centric platform, together with different digital services, that is able to coordinate all activities to be carried out by each stakeholder involved in the therapy.

The platform provides with a restricted access to stakeholders (doctors, patients, nurses, psychologists, etc.) and contains information on the patient journey (daily dosage schedule, hours of medication intake, doctor's recommendations, adherence to treatment for each individual patient, digital materials, etc.). With a proactive role, it shows up and proposes the tasks to be carried out by each different stakeholder, along the therapeutic medical treatment. Simply speaking, it helps for the correct management of patients, even outside the strictly health-care related environment.

The platform is available both as a web application and mobile app, and can be used with any device (desktop computer, tablet, smartphone), to all care-givers.

With several years of experience both in the design of digital platforms and System Integration of IoT projects, Omnys is a company with a high know-how in the pharmaceutical industry, in PSP management and in the analysis of therapy adherence, designing and developing technological solutions for health-care systems and pharmaceutical companies.