Migration of a set of web-based applications for WERFEN

Omnys migrated a set of web-based applications to AWS to deliver mission-critical services


The Customer

With operations in nearly 30 countries, WERFEN is a global leader in In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD).

The Challenge

The customer had expressed a need to migrate all of its existing infrastructure to the cloud in order to optimize hosting management costs and take advantage of the data protection and retention services, scalability, and elasticity that the cloud could provide. Another key requirement was the need to migrate to a cloud that was compliant with AGID's marketplace. The applications were hosted by a hosting provider located outside of Italy.

The Proposed Solution

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Omnys then designed an AWS cloud solution by implementing a migration strategy based on lift-&-shift and re-platforming approaches using various Amazon AWS tools.


Specifically, the project consisted of 3 phases:

1) Assessment Phase: Through the AWS Migration Hub, Omnys first focused on assessing and mapping the current infrastructure, processes, and requirements to begin the migration.
2) Mobilize Phase: Once the assessment results were shared, the landing zone was built and the Proof of Concept (PoC) project was implemented to create a demo environment to evaluate the feasibility and functionality of the migration process, laying the foundation for the migration of the entire infrastructure.
3) Migrate & Modernize Phase: Once the second phase was completed, we moved on to the large-scale migration of all applications to the cloud, with virtually no disruption, using AWS Database Migration Service and AWS DataSync.

Results achieved

In this way, Omnys provided the customer with a scalable cloud infrastructure that can adapt to variable workloads, improving efficiency and optimizing hosting costs. Once again, Omnys was able to respond to the customer's needs by proving itself as a technology partner capable of meeting complex requirements.