Developed a software to configure and maintain electric motors

Omnys has developed a software that can configure and monitor the motors installed on e-bikes and electric scooters

The collaboration with an important Italian company, leader in the production of electric motors and sustainable mobility, continues.

After the development of a mobile application for the management of electric scooters, Omnys was chosen by the client for a new project: the implementation of a software capable of configuring and monitoring the electric motors produced by the company and installed on two-wheeled electric vehicles.IT solutions for electric motor maintenance

In fact, the customer needed to provide specialized mechanics and authorized service centers with software that would allow them to configure and maintain electric motors once they were installed on scooters and then used on a daily basis.

Omnys, thanks to its expertise in IT, has designed and developed a software architecture based on a specific protocol for the automotive industry (CAN bus), capable of meeting the requirements and characterized by maximum reliability, speed and efficiency.

A sustainable mobility solution that meets the customer's needs and demonstrates once again the wide range of expertise that Omnys can offer in every industry: from sustainable mobility to healthcare, from manufacturing to retailing, from banking to telecommunications.