A digital solution to monitor operations on cargo ships

Omnys developed an app to handle activities on cargos and vessels

A digital solution to monitor activities on cargo ships

A mobile app-based solution that allows to handle several activities carried on cargo vessels. This is one of the last projects achieved by Omnys for the marine industry.

Beginning from our client's needs, we designed and developed a custom solution based on a mobile app, specifically designed to run on rugged tablets, that enables the technical personnel onboard to monitor several activities concerning hazardous and non-hazardous goods, carried on a cargo ship.

In more detail, the app is able to handle and check the load and unload of goods, activities carried out within tanks, log entries into and exits from the ship of both personnel and guests. All data are collected and sent to headquarter, as well as stored on a local server, so as they can be monitored and managed in real-time and kept up-to-date.

A wide digital solution able to remotely supervise and check works and personnel of an industry, like the nautical one, highly dinamic and complex, asking for new and innovative solutions, to handle at best every operation.

Omnys, thanks to a twenty-year-long experience, understood, one more time, how to catch and overcome this challenge, by developing the most suited solution even in such a very specific industry.