Our ambition,
since 1999...

...being technological reference for both clients and partners and provide the market with high-tech & ground-breaking solutions in the information technology industry.
Throughout the learning of ultimate technologies, research and development, analysis and understanding of market needs, recruiting the best talents we aim at bringing innovation to as many industries as possible. Such as: from telco to pharma, from services to manufacturing, from banking to food & beverage, from fashion & life-style to hotel & tourism.

Wide-ranging skills

We design and build Digital Platforms thanks to our multi- and inter-disciplinary skills in System Integration, Web & Mobile Technologies, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Big Data.

We develop enterprise-level IT systems and architectures; high-complex multichannel web & mobile solutions to manage data and information flows.

Examples of digital platforms we build are designed for:

Providing millions of users with contents and information

Selling on-line, both to business (B2B) and consumers (B2C), worldwide

Managing business-critical company processes

Ground-breaking IoT solutions in a number of end-user's daily life scenarios, as well as business- and industrial-oriented

Gathering huge amount of data (BigData), processing & analysing them, as well as displaying results through comparing dashboards of high graphical appeal


More than 600 clients served among which corporations, SMEs and innovative startups.


More than 30 industries which we provided our solutions to.


As high as 10 years is the avarage loyalty time of our main Clients.


Over 1000 projects fulfilled.


Over 25 million users who have been using our IT solutions based on our know-how and expertise.


A team made of 40+ talents.

Research and Development

Innovation has always been a key element that allowed Omnys to growth and reach the important goals achieved. Besides the over time in-house self-financed research, the company has partnered in projects sponsored by public authorities as well as the European Commission.