MES and Industry 4.0: Packstyle's production chain goes digital

Design and implementation of MES for a more efficient management of the production steps and for the digital transition to an Industry 4.0 model

Following the design and development of a vertical ERP platform for planning management, Packstyle once again turned to Omnys for the implementation of its Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and its digital transition to an Industry 4.0 model.

The customer's need was to manage the different workstations by fully digitizing the production steps.
In fact, Packstyle, the first digital pouch factory in Europe, offers its customers the possibility of customizing their packaging, choosing between flat pouches and stand-up doypack pouches for food, with different sizes and finishes, whose production chain consists of many stages with very different orders.

packstyle mes industry 4.0Omnys then designed and implemented a software platform (MES) built entirely on AWS cloud architecture, according to the company's needs.

The development of this platform, through customized consoles and tablets used by operators, allows the customer to manage the print production flow more efficiently , from planning the processing to shipping the finished product, all integrated with the internal management system.

Through the MES, Packstyle can then manage the various production stages (printing, laminating, trimming, converting, boxing and shipping), have a workflow history, manage each station separately and collect all the necessary information for the operators, linking the different machines involved in the various stages of the supply chain, further optimizing the production of the finished product.

This has been possible thanks to the extensive know-how that Omnys has acquired over the years, which has enabled Packstyle to make its production chain more effective and efficient, moving from paper-based to fully digital management and meeting all the requirements of the Industry 4.0 business production model, with the integration of the new MES platform with production machinery.