Albini Group: implementation of a new B2B eCommerce platform

Omnys designed and developed a new B2B platform for all of the products in the Albini world

After realizing an eCommerce platform for Albini Group for different markets and in three different versions, Omnys responded to the new needs of the client by designing and developing a new B2B platform that encompasses the whole world of Albini products in a single platform.

The need of the client, an international leader in the production of luxury fabrics for shirts, was to give users the possibility to access, in a simple and fast way, a single portal that would integrate all the products of the different markets. The project was developed in several phases and required the migration of all previous platforms to a single platform.

albini_new_ecommerce_omnys_2Using various AWS services such as ECS Fargate and S3 buckets, in this first phase Omnys designed and developed a modular, fully scalable and reliable platform that was integrated with various external and internal platforms, including but not limited to: the customer's management system, DAM (Digital Asset Management) and Mandrill. RDS Aurora was also used as a database for data persistence, Cloudfront CDN for service delivery and static content from S3, and AWS WAF and Shield for data security.

The integration and interaction of these services, along with the expertise of Omnys, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, resulted in a portal that gives users an entirely new digital experience, with more than 6,000 fabrics available for purchase.

An advanced filter search, the ability to browse high-resolution images of fabrics with 3D visualization of the shirt, the ability to view all orders, shipping progress, invoices and many other options in one platform make the shopping experience in Albini Group's new e-commerce more efficient, faster and safer.

This has been made possible by Omnys' extensive know-how in building B2B and B2C eCommerce platforms for numerous major players in different industries over the years, combining innovation and attention to the constant challenges that the industry offers.