Omnys awarded by AWS as the first Amazon Forecast Partner in the EMEA region

Officially acknowledged by Amazon as the 1st European partner who has efficiently used the Amazon Forecast service on a real-life use case

As AWS Consulting Partner, Omnys has officially received credits by Amazon as the 1st European partner (visit the partners page) who remarkably used, in an appropriate and skillfull way, the Amazon Forecast service on real-life industrial use cases.

Among the first companies that caught the importance of the forecasting service, exploiting all of its opportunities and shortly becoming a successfull case history, Omnys, by using the Amazon Forecast service, for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data based solutions, can build forecasting models with a very high accuracy in very short time, providing, therefore, cusotom digital platforms for any industry.

By the use of Amazon Forecast, even in very complex scenarios, Omnys is able, indeed, to reach predictive accuracy level higher than 91% in few hours (such accuracy levels usually need several months to be gained), with diverse time-series gathered from different sources, often "unclean" or not complete.

We developed models based on Artificial Intelligence algorithms able to predict outages for refrigerators installed in shopping centers, with an accuracy higher than 91% (Davide Pozza - OMNYS, CTO).

By applying Amazon Forecast that can be potentially used in any industry, such as manufacturing, sales, logistics, finance, adv performance and much more, Omnys can offer its customers the chance to get, beforehand and in a short time, key information that can enhance their business, thus providing an added value to those companies looking for ground-breaking solutions to improve their operation processes or to start new business models.

High predictive accuracy, short forecasting time, wide expertise in using the service in any sector, and data security provision make Omnys the 1st Amazon Forecast European partner. An important achievement gained thanks to its expertise, the never-ending effort to develop new innovative solutions and a talented team of experts who make our company, from over 20 years, a reference point in designing and building digital platforms based on IT system integration, IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. And from now on also in forecasting services.