A GLANCE TO THE FUTURE Research and Development

A closer look to the future so as achieving, today, projects and services that will be available tomorrow

With such a mindset, Omnys remains a step ahead through a continuous work of Research & Technological Development in several ICT areas (IoT, Machine Learning, Blockchain, etc.).
By actively partnering in European projects, together with national and international partners, and facing the challenges raised every day by SMEs, Big Players and industrial companies, we can claim today a wide Know-How which allows us to achieve high innovative projects looking to the future, in a plenty of fields.
A high performance, a closer look to changes and trends in a constantly evolving field, this is how Research and Development is the cornerstone of our company, thus allowing us to set up, along the years, important relationships with outstanding European partners, both at university and industrial level, such as: University of Trento (Italy), National Technical University of Athens (Greece), Insitut National des Télécommunications (France), University of Pisa (Italy), University of Edinburgh (UK), Technical University of Denmark, Centre de Recherche Motorola (France), Telefonica Research Centre (Spain), the Italian Research Centre (CNR) of Pisa and many more.


Machine Learning

We provide very skilled innovation and know-how, through research and technical development works, by developing custom solutions related to Machine Learning.


Internet of Things

We deal with IoT since 2012 and provide companies with a significant contribution, in fulfilling successful, highly refined and innovative projects and solutions, both for industrial and consumers purposes (wearable devices, home automation, etc.).


System Integration

We've got expertise to integrate and let interact each other all IT systems available in any organization (ERP, CRM, legacy systems, …).
We have designed and implemented software architectures to integrate the IT systems of the main telecommunication companies in Italy, some big banking institutions, as well as in the ITS industry (Intelligent Transport Systems).