IoT solutions to control smart thermostats

Omnys designs and develops an IoT solution for monitoring and controlling smart thermostats via wi-fi module


Being able to adjust the temperature of your home or individual rooms remotely, simply and directly from your smartphone, with this objective, Omnys has designed and developed a new IoT solution for monitoring and controlling smart thermostats, based on the Omnyvore platform.

Created by Omnys for one of its customers, this solution allows one or more thermostats in different rooms to be controlled remotely via a wi-fi module. "Communicating" between them, in real time and through the app (iOS and Android), it is possible to monitor and set up every single device, remotely and at any time.

With the platform, it's possible to program a whole set of activities (to switch on and off the thermostat, to adjust the temperature for different time slots, etc.) simplifying the daily routine without worrying to carry out certain actions.

It's a Smart Home Solution made by Omnys (a software house with a wide and proven experience in the Internet of Things exchange), which allows interconnection between smartphones and thermostats, but also with other smart devices.

The Omnyvore platform has been designed with high flexibility and modularity to adapt to future standards, protocols and technologies, as well as to the needs of different sectors. This platform has allowed Omnys to gain extended experience in developing solutions that can effectively cover any customer request, perfectly adapting both to the situations of industry 4.0 and to the world of large consumption (wearable, home automation, healthcare, etc.).