The best APPs for both consumer
and business

We study your strategy and implement
the business logic

We design graphics (UI) and
user experience (UX)

We take care about APP promotion
and publication, too

Some of our clients for mobile app development

Mobile Applications
for the Internet of Things

We develop Apps connected to smart devices, as well as to industrial plants, directly (via wire, bluetooth, beacon or wifi) or through the “cloud”, via standard protocols (e.g. MQTT, Modbus) or legacy protocols.

Mobile Applications for end-users to be published on the app stores

We develop the best mobile applications demanded by your business, targeted to your products or to engage users and/or consumers as required by a marketing campaign. Applications fully customized to be published on the main application stores.

B2B Applications

We develop mobile applications designed for your sales force (Sales Force Automation) or your workforce (Workforce Automation). Solutions fully integrated with the IT company systems, from ERP to CRM, so that sales activity or technical maintenance processes are always up-to-date in the operational flow of your organization.

Expertise and innovation

We are one of the first pioneers in mobile applications, by dealing with it since 1999... from wap, through Geos (Nokia 9000), Pocket PC, Windows CE, Blackberry, Windows Phone, iOS and Android.
We have always been using the most innovative technologies to provide our clients with the best applications ever.

NOKIA 9000