ItaliAssistenza case study published on AWS

AWS publishes the digital platform developed by OMNYS for ItaliAssistenza as a success story

Omnys has received a new public mention from AWS for a success case in the healthcare sector for the results achieved with the platform developed for the customer ItaliAssistenza.

The client, a leading designer and provider of Patient Support Programs (PSPs) for medication adherence in Italy with more than 30 active PSPs in 22 therapeutic areas, needed a web platform capable of delivering its digital services to patients, physicians, and caregivers while ensuring security and protection of sensitive data.


Omnys, as an Advanced AWS Partner, then designed and developed a cloud-based platform according to ItaliAssistenza's needs, specifically leveraging services such as Amazon ECS for the management and isolation of application instances. On the other hand, to protect patient data, OMNYS took advantage of the advanced encryption systems that AWS offers across all services, including RDS and Amazon S3. Finally, various services aimed at blocking and identifying potential intrusion attempts, such as Amazon WAF, Amazon GuardDuty, and Amazon Detective, were also enabled.

By taking advantage of AWS, OMNYS and ItaliAssistenza have been able to focus resources on developing advanced digital capabilities, such as real-time monitoring dashboards for physicians, device integration for oral therapy intake monitoring, and integrated video conferencing systems (between physicians and patients) based on Amazon Chime.
The combination of all these technologies, in synergy with the support services provided by ItaliAssistenza, has resulted in an average increase in adherence from 60% to 95% for all patients enrolled in the various PSPs.

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