Sport 4.0: IoT solutions for Sport, by Omnys

Omnys develops IoT solutions for sport and spare time to provide a new sporting experience


Nowadays, tech innovation can really offer a new experience to sport practitioners. Thanks to custom IoT solutions that connect each other devices used during sport, it is now possible to live sport and your performances in a real different way.

Internet of Things is in continuous change and keeps growing, its applications are more and more adopted also in sport, that's why it is called Sport 4.0.

Omnys, a high innovation-oriented company, caught this opportunity and is therefore one of the first being able to develop IoT solutions for sport and spare time, such as those developed for skiers. Indeed, thanks to sensors applied to skiboots together with Omnyvore, an IoT Platform developed by Omnys, data collected by sensors are sent in real-time to an app (both iOS and Android), that provides the skier with chance to know the skiing speed, trails done (and store them), the acceleration and many other data related to his/her sporting performance.

Through this platform each project step can be carried out: from data collection to storage, from real-time analysis to graphical dashboards, up to machine learning algorithms. Based on a scalable and clusterized architecture, Omnyvore is suitable for both industry 4.0 scenarios and consumer goods (wearable devices, home automation, etc.), as well as sport industry.

Through networked and portable devices, sensors in athletes' helmets, ski boots and high-tech tools that detect movement, it is therefore possible to record data necessary for the individual sportsman, team, coaches or society, to analyze performance, any problems, routes taken and possibly also the health of the athlete during the activity.