Serverless solution on AWS cloud for a fault-tolerant and scalable infrastructure

Omnys has created a B2B solution on the AWS cloud for a leading company in the professional cleaning sector


TTS Cleaning is an Italian company founded in 1987 and over time has become the reference point in the production of professional cleaning products. To date, it offers more than 4,200 catalog items, exporting its products to more than 80 countries around the world, with foreign branches distributed in Spain, Brazil, UK and Germany.


TTS Cleaning asked for a complete software platform development, able to provide a modern and functional user experience for the sale of catalog products, to its B2B customers.
The platform should be able to:

  • collect product details like descriptions, technical sheets, photos, variants, etc. from an external PIM (Product Information Management);
  • have a strong integration with the Management software/ERP to get user-related data (dedicated products, prices, promotions, etc.) and order data (status progress, etc.);
  • provide registered customers with a web-based, easy-to-use interface through which being able to place orders on-line;
  • provide sections with invoices and purchases history for reference and fast re-ordering.


With the aim of providing TTS Cleaning with a complete software platform, able to provide a modern and functional user experience for the sale of catalog products to its B2B customers, Omnys has designed and developed a solution based on a fault tolerant and fully scalable infrastructure, with a serverless perspective and a modular approach, to facilitate its future expansion to new features.

According to the company's needs, the project involved the development of a data management platform, which included (i) a part of integrating the new flows with external platforms (middleware), (ii) a backend section for managing business logic and data collection, and (iii) a front-end for ecommerce and administration consoles.

Taking into account different areas, such as an e-commerce enabling the catalog navigation and products purchasing, an admin area for backend data management, a back-end platform, and a middleware to orchestrate flows with external platforms, Omnys, as AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, designed an AWS cloud solution, using several resources, including:

  • the ECS cluster (Fargate) for Back-End components (API and middleware);
  • the ECR service for saving Docker images;
  • RDS Aurora as a database for data persistence;
  • CloudWatch Logs for collecting and using application logs;
  • SES for sending emails.

Thus, a complete IT infrastructure was created, adapted to the specific needs of the Customer, both current and future.


Thanks to this new B2B platform, TTS Cleaning was able to provide its customers with a tool to place orders completely on-line and avoid traditional channels (such as telephone and email), to speed up the purchase process and products supply with response times reduced from about 2 minutes to less than 100 milliseconds.

Published: 30/09/2021