AbbVie Care, web platform and mobile app for PSP (Patient Support Program)

Omnys developed a software platform to manage and monitor the patient’s adherence to therapy

With the patient at the center of the program and aware of the value of adherence to therapy during treatment, AbbVie, a big player in the pharmaceutical industry, has chosen Omnys to create a software platform to manage and monitor the therapy and patient’s adherence for several PSPs (Patient Support Programs).
Born from the need to coordinate the various workflows that involve different figures for the 360° management of the chronic patient and ensure the adherence and effectiveness of therapy, the project involved the development and implementation of software with different digital services to support specific PSPs, with dedicated access and containing various information on the treatment path (daily dosage schedule, hours of medication intake, doctor's recommendations, level of adherence to treatment, for each individual patient, and materials in digital format).
In fact, the low therapeutic adherence is recognized today as the main cause of ineffectiveness of pharmacological therapies and innumerable studies show adherence rates of less than 50% in the main chronic diseases. The Patient Support Programs (PSP) therefore represent a fundamental aid in the organization of a structured system with services to meet the needs of the patient, during his therapeutic journey.
For this reason, Omnys has developed and implemented a platform, allowing the coordination of the different activities of each individual figure, and management of each patient, improving their quality of life. A platform with a proactive role, able to anticipate and propose activities to the various figures (doctors, patients, nurses, psychologists, etc.) throughout the therapeutic course, offering continuity to the indications of the specialist doctor and contributing to the correct management of patients, even outside the healthcare environment.
The platform, both web and mobile app, is then accessible from any device: desktops, tablets, smartphones, so as to be always used by all the actors that revolve around the program.
Therefore, it's an important support for the improvement of the patient's life, even outside the healthcare environment, which confirms Omnys among the companies with the widest know-how in the pharmaceutical industry and in the PSP's management.
AbbVie Care