IoT and Smart Home: Developing an IoT solution to manage smart thermostats

In the increasingly connected age in which we live, the Internet of Things is radically transforming our daily lives, and one of the areas where this transformation is most evident is in the management of devices in our homes and workplaces.
Indeed, thanks to the advent of Internet of Things solutions, we can now, for example, control lights, appliances, shutters, and adjust the temperature of our homes with ease and precision. In this context, Omnys has developed an IoT solution and a mobile application for the management of smart thermostats for a major Italian company.

The Client
The Client is a leading company in the field of home automation and smart home. With more than 20 years of experience in automation, design and electronics manufacturing, this Italian company is now part of an important international group whose philosophy is based on continuous innovation and research into new technological solutions.

The customer's need
The customer needed to be able to manage and monitor its devices connected to thermostats in homes and workplaces.iot_solutions_smart_home_omnys
In particular, they wanted to:

  • Receive and process data from an ever-increasing number of devices;
  • Have the necessary tools for data visualization and analysis;
  • Transform the data collected by devices, enriching it through interactions with other services and/or devices.

At the same time, it had to be able to give the end user who bought the device the ability to manage the thermostats autonomously and easily.

The goal achieved
Omnys, with its experience in numerous Internet of Things projects, designed and developed a new IoT solution to control home and workplace heating appliances through its OMNYVORE platform.

OMNYVORE enables the real-time management of an unlimited number of connected objects with maximum reliability, guaranteed by the use of the highest security standards, and has been designed with a high degree of flexibility and modularity to adapt to any future standards, protocols and technologies, as well as to the needs of different areas and sectors.

This platform, developed by Omnys, receives data from the thermostat via a Wi-Fi module connected to the device, processes it and sends it to a dashboard. The customer can then access a variety of different data and functions to control and monitor the specific device.

Unlike other platforms that only provide integration interfaces, Omnyvore provided the customer with the necessary tools for data visualization and analysis with additional information as needed for various types of analysis.
For intuitive and easy management of the thermostats by the end user, a mobile app was created for iOS and Android, which allows to:
- View the current temperature and manually force the setpoint;
- Configure a weekly program to run automatically;
- Activate energy saving/anti-freeze modes;
- Configure the thermostat's behavior when an open window is detected;
- manage the thermostat using voice commands (Alexa and Google Home).

This project thus enriches the experience gained by Omnys in the field of IoT, supporting companies from the feasibility study, through technical implementation, to the deployment of successful projects, enabling the connection of various devices to the network, their monitoring, control, and the efficient collection of data.