A new digital platform integrated with the production plant, for Packstyle

Design and development of a digital platform to manage manufacturing, specifically for the packaging industry, in mobile conditions


Packstyle is the first Digital Pouch Factory in Europe that offers the possibility to customize your packaging, choosing between flat pouches and stand-up doypack pouches for food, with different sizes and finishes, and completely customizable.


Packstyle asked for a full digital platform able to provide a lot of different and challenging digital services to effectively and efficiently automate its very innovative production chain consisting of several phases, for very different orders (often managed at the same time). They also needed an integrated digital solution able to strictly interact with their e-commerce in order to accelerate the orders ingestion and, subsequently, improve the end user experience. Lastly, they asked us to pay special attention to the UI/UX architecting and development: one of the basic requirements was to enable their users to interact with the platform from remote locations or while in mobility through their mobile devices (usually tablets).


Omnys has designed and developed an extremely modular digital platform, based on AWS, able to control this complex production chain: from the order and print file incoming to the finished product delivery (going through editing the print file, laminating, cutting, etc.). An architecture designed and developed according to the customer's needs, such as the possibility to trace the materials used to make the packaging. Particular attention has been paid to the design and development of a web User Interface that is able to be responsive to different devices (especially tablets) in order to let users in mobility be able to fully interact with the platform without the need of a desktop computer or laptop.

More specifically, Omnys, as AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, designed an AWS cloud solution, using several resources, including:

  • the ECS cluster (Fargate) for Back-End components (API and BackEnd);
  • the ECR service for saving Docker images;
  • RDS Aurora as a database for data persistence;
  • CloudWatch Logs for collecting and using application logs;
  • SES for sending emails;
  • Lambda Function and SQS for batch/asynchronous processes.


Thanks to the features of this platform, Packstyle was able to increase productivity and efficiency, especially thanks to the rolled out integration/automation tools and to the multichannel UI/UX features which made the users able to interact from anywhere at any time. More specifically, this platform was able to boost the orders fulfillment process from an average of about 3 minutes to less than 10 seconds.

Published: 24/05/2022