MES (Manufacturing Execution System) development for Masserdotti Group

Design and development of a digital platform for an automated and integrated control and management of the production plant

Never before the correct and fast management of the production flow has become a fundamental point to be competitive on the market. With this in mind, companies have increasingly understood the importance of digitizing the workflow, adopting software solutions and processes that streamline production, managing orders better and anticipating problems and risks.

Digitisation is indeed a key tool and an opportunity to stimulate productivity and economic growth of companies. For this reason, today, many companies are seizing the opportunity, such as the Gruppo Masserdotti that, thanks to the technological help of Omnys, has decided to start a digital transformation process to manage, with high quality standards, the production flow, by implementing a MES (Manufacturing Execution System).

The Italian company, leader in the field of visual communication and in the production of digital prints, had expressed the need to have a platform capable of managing, effectively and customized, the complex production flow linked to the production of large and very large roll-on prints: from the arrival of the order to the management of raw materials in the various work stations, from scheduling to the monitoring of orders, up to the sending of the prints to the final customer.

Omnys then designed and implemented a software platform (MES), fully built on AWS cloud architecture. A Manufacturing Execution System has the function of controlling and managing the production flow of a company, in an automated and integrated way: from the input of raw materials to the finished product, facilitating and optimizing industrial processes.

By developing this digital platform, the customer was able to start managing the print production flow even more effectively: from the arrival of the order and the file to be printed to the management of the necessary raw materials, from the timing for the realization up to the dispatch of the finished product, all integrated with the management of the company. Through the MES, Omnys allowed the customer to schedule production, have a workflow history, manage each station separately and collect all the necessary information for operators and administration.

In particular, Omnys has made available to the company a series of analysis dashboards made with AWS QuickSight, a business intelligence platform able to extrapolate and analyze the data of the management related to sales and costs per order and all the information necessary to evaluate the profitability of each order and for each final customer.

With the MES, the Masserdotti Group has thus been able to achieve its goal: to have a complete and always up-to-date vision in real time on all production processes, processing reports on time, cost and quality, and optimizing the production flow.

Published: 22/02/2022