IoT solutions for Industrial Conditioning

IoT solution has been developed for monitoring and controlling of industrial air conditioning systems

Among the various projects, in the context of the Internet of Things, Omnys has developed a new solution for monitoring and controlling of industrial air conditioning systems. According to the customer's needs, Omnys has made an IoT platform which communicates with machines and receives the data of the individual components. It process and sends this data to a customizable dashboard which is available both on the web and app.
The platform, designed with the intention to make efficient control of various machines, mounted in different places and buildings, and a timely maintenance in case of malfunction, provides several functions:
• it allows to collect data from various components inside machines, the data collected, in real time, show the current status of each individual machines and parameters set by the operators;
• the collected data allow to control the operation of each machine and to manage their operation and maintenance;
• according to the parameters set, the platform sends an alert when these are not like those indicated, notifying malfunction or blockage of the machine.
The dashboard interface is designed for the various operators and customized, according to the skills and different functionalities required: the maintenance technicians, for example, have the possibility of seeing, managing and controlling the machines assigned to them, with the possibility of intervening on every single aspect; while the simple operator can have access to informational level, without the possibility of intervention.
This project enriches the experience gained by Omnys, within the IoT (Internet of Things), which support companies from feasibility study to technical realization, in the most different areas (such as Heating & Conditioning, Smart Wearable Oblect, Medical Device, GPS Tracker, Smart Office, etc.), with software infrastructures and cloud architectures which allow the connection of various devices to the Network.