Innovated environments for smart working and co-working with IoT solutions

Omnys has developed a remote management system for "smart" environments, which can be booked and configured online, via app


Workspaces and intelligent places transformed with IoT solutions, where desks, chairs, locks, walls, and monitors are interconnected, and able to communicate in real time with the user. This is the concept behind the work carried out by Omnys: the development of a remote management system for "smart" environments, which can be booked and configured online using the Android and iOS apps.
A new way of conceiving spaces, a digital reality that allows us to "dialogue" with them and with the objects within them, creating an environment according to our requirements. The lights, the temperature inside the room, the audio-video systems and much more can be customized through a unique and remote interface.
From offices to co-working, from hospitality to airports, with the platform, created to solve in a single solution the various needs of different spaces, the user can book the room, pay and customize the spaces, by the app, that recognizes the person then remembering his preferences and needs, adapting the functions of the environment accordingly.
While the manager side allows analyzing, controlling, planning and managing in real time the data, coming from the automated systems and the connected objects, analyzing the flows, programming the uses and the maintenance, verifying the accesses, modifying the layouts based on the real one's needs and optimizing resources.
The keyword is, therefore, “connectivity” and with Omnys's IoT solutions the workplaces are transformed. The relationship between things and people changes because now they are able to interact with each other intelligently. The result is a work environment smart and connected, able to adapt to the needs of those who use it.