Development of a fault-tolerant and scalable web infrastructure for Weerg

According to the customer's needs, Omnys designed a fault-tolerant and scalable infrastructure on the AWS cloud.


WEERG is an Italian company leader in the production of spare parts with CNC technologies and 3D printing / additive manufacturing. It provides a full Online Manufacturing Service with 100% in-house production. In 2017, the 3D department was opened, with the introduction of the new HP Multi-Jet Fusion (MJF) technology, hence Weerg becoming the first installation in Italy. In 2020 it became the largest EMEA plant and in 2022 the largest operational MJF Service in the world.


The company’s need was to develop a new custom e-commerce where a customer might upload a 3D project file (the design) and receive a quotation in real-time, as well as to implement a Middleware for integration with other business platforms. Their previous version of the platform suffered for availability, security, performance and resilience issues, so they asked Omnys for a more robust AWS-based solution.


A consolidated know-how in the Cloud Native field, exploiting the most modern serverless technologies, has allowed Omnys to design for WEERG a scalable and fault-tolerant IT infrastructure, totally based on a serverless approach.

OMNYS developed a modular architecture divided in:

  • presentation tier, deployed with CloudFront and S3 bucket;
  • business logic tier providing the API and backend modules deployed in an ECS Fargate cluster;
  • data tier, database managed with Aurora service;
  • middleware layer: based on an ESB deployed in an ECS Fargate cluster for integration with different company services.
Weerg, fault-tolerant and scalable web infrastructure

ECS (Fargate) for Back-End components (API and middleware);

ECR for saving Docker images;

CloudWatch Logs for the collection and use of application logs;

Amazon Aurora as a database for data persistence.


With this serverless and modular architecture, Weerg has now a highly available platform that can easily scale up based on web traffic and unpredictable complexity of project files uploaded by the customers.
More specifically, thanks to this new platform, Weerg increased the daily orders by a 3x factor (from 400 to 1200 daily orders on average).

In this way, Omnys, as AWS Advanced Consulting Partner was able to respond to the customer needs, making use of its consolidated know-how.


Published: 29/09/2021