Development of a fault-tolerant and scalable web infrastructure for Weerg

According to the customer's needs, Omnys designed a fault-tolerant and scalable infrastructure on the AWS cloud.

A consolidated know-how in the Cloud Native field, exploiting the most modern serverless technologies, has allowed Omnys to design for an important customer, an Italian company leader in the creation of prototypes with CNC technologies and 3D printing, a scalable and fault-tolerant IT infrastructure, totally based on a serverless approach.

Nowadays, any business activity is characterized by the need to use computational resources in the cloud, to be competitive in the market. Data-sharing, -protection, -archiving and -organization are the basis of an efficient and productive system; a company must therefore be always on trend, by leveraging a modern IT infrastructure that can adequately meet all these needs.

Storage management as soon as it is required, real-time data process, as well as flexibility in strategic change management, companies must be free to disrupt their business processes in a simple and agile way and easily manage data and customer requests. In order to do this, they need technologies that support fast changes and manage realt-time requirements, but, at the same time, technologies must be safe and reliable.

For this reason, Omnys, thanks to AWS services, whereof it is Advanced Consulting Partner, has developed a serverless architectural solution for Weerg:

Weerg, fault-tolerant and scalable web infrastructure

ECS (Fargate) for Back-End components (API and middleware);

ECR for saving Docker images;

CloudWatch Logs for the collection and use of application logs;

Amazon Aurora as a database for data persistence.

In this way, Omnys was able to respond to customer needs, proving ready to always face new challenges to be met, making use of its consolidated know-how.