A PFEP-platform for Askoll Holding

"Plan for Every Part": an applied concept of Lean Manufacturing


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Within manufacturing companies handling and managing thousands of parts that make up final products, the management and maintenance of information, related to each single part, are really difficult tasks. The number of information to deal with is quite big: part code number and description, sizes, weight, packaging details, suppliers info, quantity to order, quantity per container, place where they are stored, minimum stock level just to mention some.


The complexity of such a management has very strong impacts on the supply chain. All this information provides, moreover, a great support to several company business units, such as: supply chain, materials management, operations, logistics, etc.


Very often, these informations lay within the company itself, but are spread on different archives of different managers, are not structrured on databases and are not integrated among them or with other IT systems.


To this end, PFEP (Plan for every part) is a solution enabling to handle and maintain all informations related to each single part of a finished product, and even better if it's integrated with the company's ERP and PLM.


OMNYS supported Askoll Holding in designing and developing a PFEP platform since 2015. Today, the web-based platform, fully integrated with the company ERP and PLM, is able to support different company departments in handling all parts that make the finished products manufactured by different business units of the Askoll group.


The platform has been also enriched with features specifically designed for the suppliers, hence allowing a full integration of the supply chain with operations and logistics.