We are the AWS IoT experts

We know how to connect your devices to make them smart, building secure and reliable IoT networks that collect incredible amounts of data that can tell you more about your products and your customers.

Manage millions of devices with AWS IoT
The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming industries and businesses around the world.
Omnys helps companies maximize the benefits of the IoT to launch new business models and disruptive new services.
Why choose OMNYS as a partner for your AWS IoT solution?
AWS Certified IoT Expertise
Omnys has earned AWS IoT-specific certifications through proven experience in the field. Our team has helped numerous companies connect their devices and implement successful solutions and services
Your 360-degree strategic partner for IoT innovation
The realization of a successful IoT project requires multidisciplinary skills ranging from hardware knowledge to system integration, from web and mobile development to data analysis and machine learning. Omnys has all these skills in its DNA, which together lead to the realization of sure-fire successful projects.
We build IoT Infrastructure on AWS
We are experts in building IoT infrastructure on AWS,
using a fully serverless approach that can handle the major phases of a project:

Field data capture

Storage in data lake

Analysis with AI/ML algorithms

Visualization on web or mobile devices

The key managed services we use to implement the are: IoT architectures are:

AWS IoT Device Defender

AWS IoT Core

AWS IoT Device Management


AMAZON Timestream

AMAZON Kinesis




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