A new APP to handle bankruptcy auctions

To control and manage the assets of any bankruptcy auction as easy and quick as never done

Thanks to its high expertise, gained over the years in developing iOS and Android apps for several industries, Omnys caught a new challenge by developing a bankruptcy auction management APP.

The requirement raised by our customer was to manage the properties inventory, concerning auctions to be put in place when a bankruptcy occurs, as quick and efficient as possible, through a mobile app both for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android). Thus, the app becomes an important operational tool for the bankruptcy trustee in this specific phase of the whole procedure.

In detail, the app allows to make an inventory of items through physical and photographic detection, automatically connected to the ERP very easily and in a simple way. It works offline, too. Through a tablet or a smartphone, it is possible to take picture of every single item, identify it with a brief description and apply a self-adhesive QR-code on it for any future check.

The app thus allows you to have an inventory built up via a digital solution; an easy and fast way to support the bankruptcy trustee.